Conferences of Leeches



You can read the papers as pdf-files. Publications which are not available can be ordered from the author C. Grosser



Grosser, C. (2004): Second International Conference of Hirudinea in Germany.

Grosser, C. (2004): Bericht zur 2. Internationalen Fachtagung "Hirudinea: Taxonomie, Faunistik, Biologie" vom 03. bis 06. Oktober 2003 in Leipzig.- Lauterbornia 52: 2-4, Dinkelscherben.

Grosser, C. (2008): Report of the 3rd International Conference “Hirudinea: taxonomy, faunistics, biology” from 14th to 16th March 2008 in Bad Bevensen, Lower Saxony/Germany.- Lauterbornia 65: 3-6, Dinkelscherben.


Jueg, U. & C. Grosser (2002): First Conference of European Hirudinea in Germany.

Jueg, U. & C. Grosser (2002): Erste Fachtagung „Europäische Hirudinea“ in Karnin (Landkreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) vom 30.08. bis 02.09.2001.- Lauterbornia 44: 37-43, Dinkelscherben.






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