Owning & Breeding of Leeches


You can read the papers as pdf-files. Publications which are not available can be ordered from the author C. Grosser or the journal.


Grosser, C. (1991): Haemopis sanguisuga in the Aquarium.

Grosser, C. (1991): Beobachtungen am Vielfraßegel, Haemopis sanguisuga.- DATZ Aquarien Terrarien, Heft 6: 365-366, Stuttgart, Leipzig.


GROSSER, C. (2010): Owning & Breeding of Leeches. 

GROSSER, C. (2010): Klasse Egel (Hirudinea).- In: Engelmann, W. E. & J. Lange: Zootierhaltung – Tiere in menschlicher Obhut, Wirbellose. S. 467-476. Frankfurt a. Main.




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